What is a domestic helper loan?

You may have heard of employers being harassed by loan sharks because their domestic helpers use a residential address to get a loan and they are unable to repay the loan. There are firms Good at Domestic helper loan Singapore, find them.

Loan companies generally make it very easy for domestic workers to get a loan – which of course makes it even more attractive when money is desperately needed.  Usually, the required documents are a copy of their employment agreement, a copy of their visa, and a copy of their passport.  They are usually asked for references and a list of guarantors (usually other domestic helpers).  If the borrower cannot settle the monthly payment, the loan agencies will call and follow up with references and guarantors.  Guarantors can terminate the payment of the due because the original borrower has failed to fulfill his obligation – often signing as a guarantor without understanding the meaning.

Returned home for emergency

Domestic helpers usually send money back home each month to support their families.  Unfortunately, there can be health issues and your domestic worker’s family may suddenly need money because a relative’s condition is critical.  In that case, your domestic worker will have no choice but to send home a large sum of money to pay the medical charges.

Because of the expensive lifestyle

When it comes to shopping temptations are everywhere in Hong Kong, be it food, clothing or a new mobile phone, it can be difficult for domestic helpers to manage their budgets and save money.  Spending more than they can afford will force some domestic workers to borrow money.

If you want to prevent your helper from borrowing, what should you do?

Use the Ethical Employment Agency.

When hiring a new home helper, you should find out from the helper how much he or she has been asked to pay for the placement fee.  Don’t use an employment agency that collects illegal hiring fees from assistants.

Let your assistant know the risks of getting a loan.

Let her know about the risks she may take, for example, talk to her about online scams, encourage her to do research before doing anything, and let her know that you should always identify the company. 

How to talk to your domestic helper about debt and financial management?

To resolve the issue, being able to discuss potential financial issues is a win-win situation for both you and your family. If a problem ever arises, you will be able to help him and avoid further problems for your family if he is responsible for the unpaid debt.


Your domestic help may also have agreed to be a guarantor for a friend.  If his friend runs away, he will have to take responsibility and return the money.

Ways of increasing eCommerce revenue

E-commerce encompasses a wide range of activities, from drop shipping through to actual retailing, and many e-commerce businesses move through a range of activities as they evolve. There is, however, one commonality to all these actions, and that is the risk element. As we explain below, operating multiple accounts and storefronts is one of the keys to achievement in a crowded marketplace, just like in physical retail. However, even when used firmly, you can easily find your accounts suddenly banned – giving rise to your business to a stop.

Here are some ways you can Increase Your eCommerce Revenue:

1. Build Trust of Your Brand

Increase the quality of your products. Sell what your product description says. This demonstrates that you are honest with your customers.

  • Keep buyers engaged on your social media pages. You can enact webinars, shoot live videos of your warehouse/office, and initiate sweepstakes. All these activities help you connect with your customers.
  • Share user-generated content on your blogs, social media pages, and websites. These can be testimonials of your products or tweets of your users who had an incredible familiarity shopping from your web store.
  • Inquire users to provide an honest review of your service on surveys & rating websites.
  • Select reliable hosting for eCommerce that is optimized for fast load times.

It is constantly better to know the business governing laws of different countries before you market to them. Additional compliance regulations will only help you boost eCommerce sales.

2. Set Your Prices Right

Now that you have developed some trust, folks will visit your online store. It is time you set the straight quotes so that these people can buy from your store.

Learn about the price other stores are charging for the same product. Maybe you can leverage price as your different selling point.

Modify your wholesaler if they are selling the product for a massive cost. You may have to dig into the market for this, but it will be worth it in the long term.

Evaluate decreasing shipping prices or providing free shipping if people spend more than a special amount on your store.

3. Build a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Inquire yourself with the following questions:

  • What makes you stand out from the other online stores?
  • What is your product’s price?
  • What is product excellence like?
  • What type of consumer service do you offer?
  • Now capitalize on these steps.

Occasionally you don’t even realize what your USP is. If that is the case, explore the review websites and see what your customers are composing about you and what keywords they are using. These keywords narrate your service to your audience. Use them in your marketing element as they are the WORDS of your CUSTOMERS.

4. Optimize & Split Test Website

You only have 15 seconds to grab the awareness of the user. If you can’t, you miss them. This is called the 15-second rule of website working. The second most valuable rule of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the 3-click rule. A site user should assign only three clicks to reach the checkout page. Make sure that you optimize your website according to your requirements.